Footwear (a Mr. Deadman outtake)

5 Jun

Mr. Deadman once died in sneakers, Adidas, if you need to know, of a heart attack, while jogging. He died in sandals once, of heatstroke, on a sweltering August afternoon in Washington, D.C. One time he died of a brain aneurysm while wearing a shiny new pair of Johnston and Murphy wingtips. Mr. Deadman has died barefoot, peacefully in his sleep, on several occasions, a respectable, if unexciting, way to go. As a young boy, once, he even died in a pair of pajamas with feet.

But never, not once, so far, has Mr. Deadman died with his boots on.


One Response to “Footwear (a Mr. Deadman outtake)”

  1. bluenoter June 5, 2013 at 1:41 pm #

    I never “Like” anything, but I like it!

    FYI, a stroke of pedantry: the first (preferred) spelling in dictionaries is aneurysm.

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