More Bagatelles Outtakes

3 Jun

I translated her into a foreign tongue, but it was a sloppy translation, and we both knew it. She protested, so I changed her back. Unfortunately, this too was a sloppy translation.

* * *
I often wished that she were somebody else. Nobody in particular, just somebody else. Sometimes she actually seemed like someone else, but I couldn’t forget, even for a moment, who she really was. This was occasionally intriguing, but most often frustrating. I was also aware that she often wished I were someone else, and I occasionally tried to accommodate her. Some of those times I even felt like somebody else, began to believe I was somebody else, until it struck me that I was becoming someone else for her, and this shocked me back to my true self.

* * *
We were obsessed with the idea of killing each other, and in order to keep the obsession alive we were compelled to keep each other alive.

* * *
Just to pass the time, we often passed the time.

* * *
We spoke to each other in tongues. I didn’t understand her tongue, she didn’t understand mine, but that didn’t stop us from speaking to each other in tongues, our ears took it all in nonetheless.

* * *
She was defacing our property. Vandal, I screamed, stop that. But she wouldn’t stop. Nor would she agree with my assessment. It’s a change for the better, she said.  You didn’t consult me, I said. We agreed that interior decorating was my province, she said. She was right, we had agreed.  I’d just have to get used to it.

* * *
She was showing signs of illness. Symptoms. She was exhibiting manifestations of something not quite right. I took stock of her symptoms. I catalogued them with relish. I considered the implications of these symptoms. I considered them in great detail. I considered the relationships among the symptoms. I considered this system of symptoms and the effect it was having on her own system. I was making great progress in my consideration of her symptoms when she interrupted my thoughts with a rather vulgar statement. I feel sick, she said.


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