Sleeping with the Fishes (a Mr. Deadman Outtake)

26 May

Mr. Deadman had never before engaged in a ménage a trois, did not consider himself a swinger. Still, when his friends Sheldon and Sylvia Fish suggested a threesome he was curious enough to give it a try. “You only live once,” Sheldon had said. Mr. Deadman did not contradict him.

In order to set the mood, Sylvia prepared a romantic candlelight dinner. She served in a sexy negligee. “My wife is some hot number, eh?” Sheldon kept saying, winking at Mr. Deadman. Mr. Deadman was beginning to have second thoughts

Once in bed with the Fishes, Mr. Deadman lost his enthusiasm completely and was unable achieve an erection. “Carry on without me,” Mr. Deadman said before expiring.  Distracted by their ardor, the Fishes didn’t notice.

When the Fishes awoke the next morning, Mr. Deadman was gone, without a trace.


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