Stomata (Outtake from “A Certain Clarence”)

25 May

Clarence’s walls had sprouted stomata, minuscule mouth-like openings. I’ve heard of walls having ears, Clarence thought, but never mouths. But if walls had ears and no mouths, Clarence thought, nobody would be afraid of what the walls might hear, because if the walls can’t speak, then there’s nothing to fear. So the walls must have mouths, because people are so afraid of what the walls might hear, and, Clarence guessed, what they might repeat. So that explained the stomata. Unless Clarence had misinterpreted the openings, unless they were not stomata after all, but were auricles, that is, ear-like openings. Or perhaps some were auricles and others oculi, yes, oculi, eye-like openings, and perhaps it is not what the walls might repeat that people fear, but rather the unrelenting dirty looks the walls might give them in return for what is heard.


One Response to “Stomata (Outtake from “A Certain Clarence”)”

  1. Janice Ellsworth May 25, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

    nice! – but ugh!!!!!!!!!

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