“A Certain Clarence,” Outtake #1

14 Apr

And stay tuned for the companion ebook volume of Lift Your Right Arm outtakes to be released later this year at a price you won’t be able to refuse.


     Taking his daily constitutional, Clarence runs into a woman of the neighborhood, of indeterminate age, who seems to have taken a liking to Clarence, and often speaks to him.  “Hello, young man,” the woman says, and Clarence, as always, wonders if, and by what definition, he may be considered a young man.  This time the woman addresses the most recent speech by the President.  “Did you see him on the TV last night?” the woman asks.  “He’s a crook, a liar and a phony,” she says.  “There hasn’t been an honest man in the White House since Wendell Wilkie.”

     Clarence smiles, agrees with the woman, and walks on, wondering what it would be like to inhabit a universe in which Wendell Wilkie was once President.


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