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Condensed Book Is Back!

28 Mar


As I still have a number of mint condition copies of the long out of print Condensed Book, I decided to become an Amazon seller to offer copies at a fairer price than other sellers. Previously, Amazon had one new copy listed at $534.61! Used copies are listed starting at $27. Now 25 new copies are available for $20 each, and, as stock is warehoused and orders filled by Amazon, they’re eligible for free shipping on orders of $25 or more. And since Amazon is offering Lift Your Right Arm for the reduced price of $6.99, you can get both books for $26.99 with free shipping; that’s less than the previous low price for a used copy of Condensed Book. These two books together will be more of less than you’ll know what to do with!


Condensed Book @ Amazon


A Stupid Transformation

23 Mar

Lift your apple, she said.
I lifted my apple.
Lift your orange, she said.
I lifted my orange. Both of my fruits were up.
Put down your apple, she said.
I put it down.
Put down your orange, she said.
I did.
Lift your apple, she said.
I obeyed.
Put down your apple.
I did.
Lift your orange.
I lifted it.
Put down your orange.
I did.
Silence. I stood there, both fruits down, waiting for her next command. After a while I got impatient and said, what next.
Now it’s your turn to give the orders, she said.
All right, I said. Tell me to lift my rambutan.

My First Flash

16 Mar

I believe this was the first “flash fiction” piece I ever wrote, back in 1974, at age 18, while in college.

The Twist

It was about a quarter after five and Jack Dolan entered the bar for his usual after-work drink. He took his usual place at the bar and the bartender came over and asked, “The usual, Mr. Dolan?”

“Yes, Mike. And remember–a twist of lemon.”

“Mr. Dolan, may I speak frankly?”

Jack nodded his head.

“You’ve been coming to this bar every day after work, barring unforeseen circumstances, at approximately 5:15 PM, for the past six years, and every time you order a martini you have to remind me that you want it with a twist of lemon. Now honestly, Mr. Dolan, do you really think I’m so stupid that I can’t remember to give you a twist of lemon?”

“No, Mike.”

“Then why do you do it, Mr. Dolan?”

After a few moments of silence, Jack answered, “I don’t know, Mike.”

That was the last time Mike ever saw him.


Publishers Weekly Reviews Lift Your Right Arm

11 Mar

“One of the innovators of the short short story, Cherches (Condensed Book) returns with a collection whose pieces linger in the void somewhere between poetry and prose.”

“In ‘Mr. Deadman’, a corpse rises from the grave and gives new meaning to the word ‘afterlife’.”

“Throughout Cherches demonstrates a brilliant gift for wordplay…”

Read the full review HERE.

Hayden Carruth on “Bagatelles”

10 Mar

The late poet Hayden Carruth sent this postcard to my publisher in 1981, when the original chapbook version of “Bagatelles,” the earliest work in this collection, was published.


Today Is a Bunch of Days

8 Mar

It’s International Women’s Day. It’s my birthday. And it’s Lift Your Right Arm publication day!

Available at Amazon right now, paperback and Kindle.

Congratulations, Goodreads Winners

7 Mar

My Goodreads book giveaway has ended, and 6 of the 519 entrants will be getting their copies shortly (the books are in the mail). May these readers enjoy an engaging conversation with my work.