A New “Dirty Window”

25 Jan

My series “Dirty Windows” was originally published in 1988, in the Between C & D anthology that Penguin put out.  It is now the second section of what I think of as the Bagatelles trilogy, which also includes “Trio Bagatelles,” just finished last year.  Last week I was inspired to write a new “Dirty Window,” and, thanks to current printing technology, in time to squeeze it into the book.  So now two of the legacy pieces in the book have been updated with a new piece each; the other one is “A Certain Clarence,” originally published in 1997, in North American Review.  Here’s the new window:

“The human mind is like an attic,” he told her.

“Yes, I know,” she replied. “And I wish you’d get your junk out of mine.”


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