Trio Bagatelles Outtake #1

7 Jan

One: To be or to not be, that is the question.

Two: You’ve got it wrong.  It’s “to be or not to be.”

One: I’m well aware of what Shakespeare wrote.  I think my version is better.

Three:  Better than Shakespeare?

One: Yes, I think the small transposition I’ve made is an improvement over Shakespeare.

Two: What arrogance.

Three: On top of that, you’ve split an infinitive.

One: You’ve got to split some infinitives to make an omelet.

Three: Now you’re playing fast and loose with clichés.  That doesn’t even make sense.  How can you make an omelet with a split infinitive?

One: It’s a figurative omelet I’m talking about.

Two: What good is a figurative omelet to a starving man?

One: About as good as Shakespeare, I’d say.


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