Mr. Deadman, Standup Corpse

30 Dec

Mr. Deadman decides to try his hand at standup comedy.  He tries out his act on amateur night at the local comedy club. “Last week I went to the doctor,” Mr. Deadman says, beginning a joke.  “I said, ‘Doctor, Doctor, my heart’s stopped beating and I’ve stopped breathing.’  The doctor said, ‘You don’t need a doctor.  You need an undertaker!’”  Nobody laughs at this or any other of his jokes, but Mr. Deadman doesn’t mind.  In fact, he’s pleased.  “I’ve died onstage!” Mr. Deadman congratulates himself.

Note: This is an outtake from “Mr. Deadman,” one of the five sequences in Lift Your Right Arm.  When I’m working on a short prose sequence, I normally write many more sections than I end up using.  This one didn’t quite cut the mustard.


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